‘The Die Hards’

The Middlesex Regiment of the British Army was formed in 1881. Thousands of brave men from the County of Middlesex, now what we know as Greater London, enlisted to the regiment. The Middlesex Regiment was respected for its rich military tradition across the country and throughout the British Empire.

The regiment gained their nickname the  ‘Die-Hards’ from the early 19th Century. In the Battle of Albuera Colonel Igleis of the 57th Regiment of Foot was shot down from his horse. Despite being outnumbered, Igleis urged his men onwards: ‘Die Hard 57th, Die Hard’ The 57th Regiment of Foot would become the 1st Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment.

Soldiers from the Middlesex Regiment
Soldiers from the Middlesex Regiment
A.A Rudra in his later life
A.A Rudra in his later life

“No County can claim to have done more during the years 1914-1918 than the County of Middlesex. It might be said that the County, and London, the greatest City in the World, could hardly have done otherwise.”

– Middlesex Regimental History (Published after WW1)

On 21 August 191 , Lieutenant Corporal Parr was killed in battle aged sixteen. He was the very first British military casualty. The Middlesex Regiment saw losses during conflict of 12,720 and receive a total of eighty-one Battle Honours and five Victoria crosses

“They were very proud people, I knew some of the old boys . . . they wouldn’t like to be insulted in any way. They stood up for themselves . . . I suppose you could say I was proud of my regiment.”

– Mick Tillyner, Middlesex Regiment Cadet.

Disbanded in 1966, the Middlesex Regiment formed a part of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.

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